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Emilee Wooten is a contemporary artist living in East Tennessee. Miss Wooten grew up in Knoxville, where from a very young age, she experienced a great passion for creating. From the early days, Emilee showed a dedication to learning and using many different mediums, most notably, oil paint, pastel, and charcoal. Over the years her devotion to her craft gained the young artist many accolades including having her work be represented in the presidential library in 2009.



Emilee graduated with a BFA in Ceramics from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013.  During this time she devoted herself to the tutelage of sculptural, painting, drawing, and ceramic processes. In the summer of 2013, Emilee was accepted in the resident artist program at the Worcester Center for Crafts located in Worcester, MA. It was here that she learned to explore her craft while also discovering her passion for working with the intellectually and developmentally disabled population.

Today Miss Wooten works as a personal assistant and art teacher to people with disabilities and as a free lance artist. She uses a vast array of processes and media, including but not limited to clay, paint, ink, fiber, and pastel. The subject of her work varies from the celebration of variety in human form to the absurdity of character. Miss Wooten’s primary passion is exploring the guise and flesh of human experience through form. 

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